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With 30 years experience comes the knowledge that the key to a healthy home starts with the roof and its care. We can not only provide you with a beautiful new roof but help you with its care over its life span.


Quadrus can provide you with a beautiful new roof as well as help you with it’s maintenance and care.Winters can be especially tough, creating an environment for leaks due to ice damming.  Constant sun or extreme snow/water accumulation can also be problematic for the wear and tear of your shingles.
We take on the task to ensure these issues are addressed.

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Soffits and facias

Soffits & Facias

Apart from finishing the “look” of your home, soffits function as the “nose”.  They provide circulation which helps the house breath and maintain a health humidity level throughout.  On the exterior of the structure, they help prevent ice damming which then helps avoid leakage.
Our team is there to make sure that not only does your house have that finishing touch, but is also functional.


Changing the dressing of your house can make a huge impact on the look of your home.  We work with many types of siding be it Vinyl, Aluminum, Maibec, Shaker or engineered wood.

Need new windows or gutters to complete the look?  We have the professional team up to the task.  From start to finish, we take care of the whole project for you.

Siding renovation
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